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Coaching Leaders to Craft and Sustain a Culture of Innovation

As complex emerging technologies and business models continuously disrupt the orthodoxy, it is no longer enough to have innovative ideas. Leaders must engrain creativity and innovation as a functional norm throughout all processes within their organization’s or project’s culture.

Innofora facilitates individual and team coaching processes for leaders aiming to craft and sustain a culture of innovation for the long-haul. Drawing on years of coaching and mentoring experience, the Innofora team’s structured methodologies underpin proven practices such as silo-busting cross-fertilisation of ideas, integration with external innovation, and the use of creative indicators and metrics.

Skill Development and the Facilitation of Tools to Set the Right Organizational Conditions for Innovation

Innofora leverages the unique expertise of its associates to enhance the organizational creativity and efficiency of projects and businesses. We identify and clarify problems, ideate evidence  and experience- based solutions, formulate new processes and offer implementation plans.

We work with managers and executives to build capacities for practical innovation by providing replicable insights with proven success, as well as tailoring new approaches for custom problems.

With experience spanning various sectors and geographies, Innofora’s team produces orderly, sequential, and contained solutions, focusing on, for example, effective teamwork practices, cross-cultural communication, cross-functional collaboration, and industry- and sector-specific best practices.

Building Communication Capacities and Systems to Activate Innovations

In the digital age, where the pace of change accelerates exponentially, suddenly disrupting industries and practices, the successful application of innovation is dependent on the innovators’ capacities to communicate.

Innofora helps leaders develop innovation communication capabilities and systems. We provide tools to onboard team members and contributors; we facilitate contacts and networks to spread innovations; and we craft appropriate ‘messages’ to increase their value to and uptake by relevant stakeholders. Innofora’s approach to innovation communication is especially geared towards transnational organizations and projects, where complex new ideas are developed by cross-functional and culturally diverse teams.

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